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Historic Teague Building circa 1858

#6 Court Street Ashville, Alabama

Built in 1858 before the Civil War, the heart pine used in construction of this historic building was standing during the time of the Revolutionary War in what would become St. Clair County.  Occupied for many years by the Teague Family and operated as a general mercantile, residents from Ashville and surrounding towns could visit this building and shop for many of their needs such as flour, sugar, salt, clothing, shoes, ladies hats, and other necessities.  Birmingham Coffin Company also operated on this site constructing caskets, which were loaded on the local train and shipped far and wide.  You can still see the outline today of the hand-drawn elevator that moved the caskets and other goods to the second floor for storage.  Also visible around the interior of the building are calculations written on window sills and walls from the glory days of the mercantile.  

Later purchased by the Sullivan Family, electricity was added and the building was bricked to provide a modern grocery store with cooled meat and dairy products.    The Sullivan's operated the grocery store until the early 1960's when the building changed hands several times until 2005 when it was purchased by Derrick Heckman.  

Today the main floor of the historic Teague Building remains retail space and is owned by Jackie and Donna Hollingsworth.  The second floor has been remodeled into office space and a loft apartment.  Great care was taken to ensure the historic integrity of this beautiful building was not compromised.  The original heart pine walls, floors, and ceiling have been preserved  in the same condition in which they were constructed in 1858.

Ashville History

 Established in 1822 as the County Seat, with records dating back to the 1800's,

Ashville, Alabama is rich in history, click the link below to learn more .

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